A Tour of the

Timberland Quilt Trail

Celebrating the life and heritage of Oscoda County, Michigan.

The Quick Tour - *31* Blocks and Counting!

We were inspired to start a quilt trail in Oscoda County when we visited the neighboring county of Alcona and saw their beautiful quilt trail.  A quilt trail is the perfect fit for this area as we have a rich history of Mennonite and Amish quilters living here, and farming is still an important way of life.

The blocks on our trail range from traditional to modern with some of them designed especially for our trail by well-known quilt artists.

We continue to add blocks each year with a goal of 60 blocks in total.  So, come with us on a journey of discovery and beauty!  We welcome you to Oscoda County and the Timberland Quilt Trail.

The Oscoda County Art Council is a part of the Economic Development Alliance for Oscoda County, a nonprofit corporation working for thriving communities in Northeast Michigan.  For more information, contact:

The Economic Development Alliance
for Oscoda County
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Comins, MI  48619 
info [at] edaoscodacounty.org

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