A Timberland Quilt Trail Virtual Tour 

We currently have 38 blocks on the quilt trail, with new sites added each year. The numbers and descriptions below correspond to the numbers on the Timberland Quilt Trail Guide, available at the Chamber of Commerce in Mio, or at most Michigan Welcome Centers.  You can also download the Guide from the home page of this website.

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1 - 201 S. Morenci, Mio.
The first block on the Timberland Quilt Trail is on the 100 year old Chamber of Commerce building.

2 - 1936 Chelser Street, Comins.

A Circling Swallows block is on the Jenks/Shantz home and is based on a five-generation family quilt.  

The home is a former lumber shed and retains features from its past.

* Private residence.

3 - 1778 N. Weaver Rd., Fairview
This restored 1947 barn features an Ohio Star block.
This barn style is unique to our area and has no interior rafters but is supported by arched beams.
* Private residence.

4 - 422 S. Morenci St, Mio.

Stitches For You Quilt Shop designed this beautiful Variable Star block
 to celebrate the 4 seasons. They retired recently but the block is still up.

5 - 115 West 8th St., Mio.

The Au Sable Crossroads was made exclusively for the Timberland Quilt Trail by Evelyn Larrison.
 The building has housed businesses from a feed store to antique shop.

6 - 3962 Palmer Rd., Luzerne.

A Wedding Ring block adorns the garage of the Williams family home.

* Private residence.

7 - 412 Morenci, Mio.

Au Sable River Restaurant displays the Fish Fry block designed exclusively for them.
 The Au Sable River is famous for great fishing and the restaurant is well known for their Friday fish dinners,
as well as a great selection of wines and Michigan craft beers.
Stop for lunch or dinner when you come to tour the Timberland Quilt Trail!

8 - 1980 Reber Rd., Comins

Steiner Museum is the home of this Log Cabin block. The museum houses collections of logging and pioneer items from Oscoda County. An original log schoolhouse also sits on the grounds. The museum is open Sat & Sun Memorial day thru Labor Day.  

9 - 1871 N. Caldwell Rd., Mio.

The Au Sable Valley Engine & Tractor Club sponsored the Ohio Star Variation block for the O. E. Kauffman Building
at the Fairgrounds, where they hold a tractor show the last weekend in June.

10 - 463 S. Mt. Tom Rd., Mio.

This Ohio Snowflake block is mounted on a sign. It is a traditional Amish pattern and reflects the owner's heritage.

11 - 115 Deyarmond St., Mio.

Lydia’s Gate is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to providing temporary shelter for those in need.
 This block was designed especially for them.

*Private residence.

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